Friday, October 29, 2010

Are you a book writer or a scriptwriter?

A good story. Solid characters. A laptop.

Same tools, two different jobs!

Were you born to write a great novel or pump-out screenplays?

Find out by answering the following quiz.  Write down the letters for your answers.

1. When someone dies

R. it’s sad
Y. You bury him

2. In Space…

A. It’s quiet
E. You’re alone

3. When you read the word “alcohol”, you’d rather think of...

T. A bottle of Jack Daniel’s
L. Your last night out

4. You have absolutely no money, you’re hungry

I. You wish you could eat a hot dog
P. You steal a hot-dog

5. Richard’s car is useless 

N. He crashed it
R. It’s a piece of junk

6. Meeting President Obama every day means…

W. You’re someone important
E. Moving to Washington D.C.

7. Janet loves to hide…

K. Since she was a child
E. Under the bed

8. Mary will get married because...

R. She’s engaged
O. John loves her

9. A knife…

O. through his heart
C. In his hand.

10. Little Johnny is sad because

B. He misses his mother
S. He fell on the floor

Now, reverse the letters. If you get anything close to “Book writer”, that’s it, you’re job is to write a great novel. If you get anything close to “Screenplay”, you might just be the next Billy Wilder.

If the result means absolutely nothing… nothing at all... I don’t know, you might be a playwright or, God forbid, a civilian…!


  1. Well, I was only one answer short of a perfect score for a screenwriter, but that's what I'd figured all along. My last novel took me two years to complete and my last screnplay all of 3½ days.

  2. you see, I'm exactly the opposite: I was one answer short of being a book writer... keep working on those screenplays ;)